House Alarms

Protect Your Home
The best way to protect your property is to have an alarm in good working order. An alarm monitoring company for a nominal monthly fee can alert the police department if your home is violated. Depending on the system, they can alert the police to what part of your house has been violated. The alarm can be set while you sleep and while you are away. This offers a much more rapid response of the police department to your home and lessens the chances of an intruder taking your possessions. The alarm company can set the alarm up to be either silent or audible based on different factors.

False Alarms
False alarms are the only draw back. The Town of Ashland allows three false alarms per household. This is to allow the owner and the alarm company to adjust the alarm properly. The owner can be assessed a $50 fee per false alarm should they persist. This is to motivate the owner to keep his system in good working order without burdening the police department with numerous false alarms. Our mission is to solve crimes committed against you. By paying attention to these crime tips you will be helping the Ashland Police Department in their efforts to solving the crime and punishing the perpetrators.