Public Safety Building

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A new building!

Earlier this year, the residents of Ashland voted to help both the Ashland Fire Department and the Ashland Police Department find a new home at the 12 Union Street location right off of route 135. The new location will provide both departments with the proper facility to help aid in daily operations, more adequate space for both staffs, and a state of the art facility that will benefit not only the members of each department, but the residents of the town and those who visit Ashland on a daily basis. Construction began just a short time ago and the site development company is at work clearing the land, preparing the foundation work, and preparing for the upcoming phases in the construction process. 

Please check out this page to see photos and updates of the building process. Additionally, please feel free to visit the town website and Facebook group for other updates and information pertaining to the new public safety building.


Update August 26th, 2021!

As the summer moves on, the construction site for the towns new public safety building is moving at a steady pace. You may have noticed that the frame of the building and foundation has been going up and the skeleton of the building can finally be seen. Both the police and fire department chiefs have visited the site as well as town officials to inspect the progress. This past week our utility provider, Eversource, has been on hand getting power to the site ready. Please be mindful when traveling near the 12 Union Street construction site to watch out for construction vehicles entering and exiting the site. As the progress continues, so will the flow of traffic in and out of the site. 

Update September 9th, 2021!

Progress at the Public Safety building continues to move at a steady pace with much progress being made. Over the last few weeks, the site has seen the fire department garage foundations poured and the second level of the building added. We are all excited to see the building taking shape and starting to look like the preliminary drawings contractors provided us with in the planning stages. 

structure of new psb
Update October 27th, 2021: 

As the cold weather approaches, the construction teams at the Public Safety Building site are in full swing. You may have noticed that the site is now lit up at night and the roof and structural work is taking shape. On the left side, the Fire Departments apparatus area has taken form and the administrative offices and operations section of the building on the right side for both the police and fire departments can be seen taking shape. Both departments continue to talk to the construction crews to ensure the building can meet all demands and expectations required to provide emergency resources to the town.