Burglary Prevention Tips


Report Suspicious Activity

Dial 911 if you see anyone climbing through a window in your neighborhood. This is considered suspicious activity and warrants a police investigation. Don't hesitate !!! We need your help in solving crime in Ashland.

Burglary is the crime most likely to affect people of any age. Burglars look for easy targets because most are amateurs, not accomplished professionals. They look for opportunities to get your valuables in the easiest, quickest possible way. There are several things that you can do as a home owner to discourage the thief by making it harder on the thief to accomplish his goal.

Tips for Safety Inside the Home

Amazingly, statistic show that 30 to 50 percent of home and apartment breaking and entering crimes happen because someone didn't lock a door or window. In the case of windows, often they were even left open. There is no easier way of providing easy access to a burglar than an open door or window. Doors and windows should always be locked and secured, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes. A method that criminals have used is to wait for you to leave. Remember you want to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to get into your home. You want a burglar to take as much time and make as much noise before gaining entry into your home.

Most law enforcement officers suggest that residential doors should be equipped with a one-inch deadbolt lock. This type of lock can be purchased from a local locksmith or hardware store. An inside chain guard is no substitute for a proper lock. It is suggested that a wide-angle peephole be installed in the door to allow you to identify visitors without opening the door. It is far safer than a chain lock.

The best exterior door to a home is solid wood. Hollow core doors are to fragile and should never be used on the exterior. There are several ways of strengthening your security. If a door has a large piece of glass in it, you can install a metal grill over it. Strengthening the casings around your existing doors, otherwise a swift shove may break the casing or lock and allow the door to open. Remember that a side or back door, being less visible, may be subjected to a stronger attack than your front door.

Sliding windows and doors can be easily pried open. A simple length of broomstick or piece of wood cut to length and placed in the track will prevent the door or window from opening.

Tips for Safety Outside the Home

  • Good visibility will discourage any potential burglar.
  • Standard exterior lighting is important.
  • Heavy landscaping may provide a welcome sign to an intruder.
  • Make sure entrances and windows are not hidden from view by vegetation. Cut and prune vegetation away from these areas.
  • Fences can be a useful cover to an intruder once he is on the other side and can use the fence for cover to secret his activity. Please keep in mind that an intruder will use your weak spots to their advantage.
  • Use timers if you are going away on vacation.
  • Ask your neighbor to visually check your home during the day and night and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.
  • Setup light activation devices in your home. Hardware stores offer economical security lighting devices. One is a sound sensitive light activating unit that activates lights upon detecting sound. It is adjustable for a wide range of sensitivity levels. The light will stay deactivated until it detects sounds. This can be very useful for outside lighting at an entry way or inside of a house when you are away. Lights can be set to activate for a knock at the door or a car door closing in the area. A second type of lighting is infrared that detects body heat. This type of lighting will activate lights should an intruder enter the perimeter violated.